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Stories to explore in 3D/AR/VR

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Figurama connects Artists, 3D Content & Users

3D Comics is a new storytelling medium, created by Artists directly for the END Users.

benefits of product

3D Artists

Easy to grasp, unlike making games & film, our medium is created by Artists from start to finish.

benefits of product

3D/AR/VR Content

Artists can be more successful and can produce more creative content for the emerging platforms.

benefits of product

END Users

Accessible from one app, Users purchase & explore content without leaving the Wonderland.


3D Content from Artists

We've built the core of 3D Comics, and now we're working hard to bring you the best it can offer. We're in studios with our Artists and helping other Artists to build their OWN vision.
What to expect on FIGURAMA?

  • 3D Comics, Story books & Game books
  • Characters & Real people
  • Costumes & Fashion
  • History & Archeology
  • Architecture, Real estate & Travel
  • Science & Future technology

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3D App for all Content

Experience 3D Comics turning alive in our App. We're always perfecting the formula, so Artists can get more creative and users can get more out of their trip to Wonderland.
Key features include:

  • Exclusive content
  • 3D spaces instead of 2D images
  • Explore and read the story
  • Choose your own path

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3D Platforms for the App

FIGURAMA will come to all key platforms loved by our customers. We publish 3D Content on today's platforms and we believe in the possibilities AR and VR bring to our 3D content.
If you are on any of the available platforms, give it a go.

  • iOS (Available now)
  • Android (Coming soon)
  • VR (Coming 2018)
  • AR (Coming 2018)
  • Web & Standalone (Coming 2018)

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See the endless possibilities

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Currently available only for iOS. Android coming soon.

Featured projects

These 3D storytelling projects are about to hit our app. Prepare for impact.

CRYME is an action 3D Comics about crime investigation, exploring and looking for clues to progress the story.



Do you want to create 3D art and publish it on FIGURAMA?

Our community is going to be a nice place to find out how to start.

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